Founded in 1906, in the fertile valley known as Het Land van Waveren, Tulbagh Winery has been producing quality wines ever since.

Producing some of the country's best, Tulbagh Wines cover the full spectrum of South Africa's best cultivars with the emphasis on fruity blends that reflect the friendliness of the region.

We are proud of the achievements that Tulbagh has reached over the years. Our wines are offered with pride and served with confidence. Old world value combined with fresh, modern look to appeal to a new generation of consumer.

Free Deliveries
We offer free delivery for 12 bottles or more of our wines to major cities in South Africa, contact Lana for more details on 023-0041259

Flippenice Wines
The wine that has everyone talking about! Get it at your local Pick a Pay, Tops or any bottle store.
A wine for every occasion.
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Tulbagh winery @ Paddagang
Paddagang Tasting Room open daily in the Historical Church Street from 11:00 to 16:00. Public holidays from 11:00 to 15:00. Closed on Sundays

Welcome to Tulbagh - the Valley of Abundance.

Contact us on 023-0041259

Tulbagh Snow 30 August 2013
Beautiful pictures with snow on the mountains in Tulbagh !

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Paddagang 10Year Potstill brandy
Paddagang 10Year Potstill Brandy now available at the Cellar. The perfect gift!

Tulbagh Winery Chenin Blanc

A round and firm balance that lingers in the mouth and hints of pineapple on the palate. To be enjoyed with chicken, fish and seafood dishes or just to be enjoyed on any occasion...more details
Tulbagh Winery Chardonnay

This wine expresses the creamy citrus fruit of un wooded Chardonnay. A mouth filling wine that lingers. ..more details
Tulbagh Pinotage Rose

A mixture of strawberry and mulberry early in the mouth with a lingering aftertaste of candy floss...more details
Tulbagh Shiraz/Pinotage

Intense black plum and ripe berry flavours with hints of vanilla and chocolate. Medium bodied with a lingering coffee aftertaste...more details
Tulbagh Sauvignon

Soft and medium-bodied with fruit flavours following through from the nose. An easy drinking wine as an alternative for traditional Cabernet Sauvignon...more details
Tulbagh Pinotage

Ripe fruit with spiced plum flavours, generously fruity with soft, rounded edges and easy accessible tannins...more details
Tulbagh Merlot

Mild to fullish in body, smooth supple ripe fruit, rounded in the right places. ..more details
Tulbagh Shiraz

Full- bodied and classy with opulent fruit and attractive warm spicy character. ..more details
Tulbagh Cabernet Sauvignon

Rich and full-bodied with loads of flavoured fruit backed by necessary tannins...more details
Sopkoppie - Jerepiko

A full, rounded sweet wine - best with crushed ice or at room temperature - the perfect antidote to winter's chill...more details
Christmas in winter: 28 to 29 June 2014 - 2013-03-28
Tulbagh Spring Arts Festival 6- 8 Sept 2013 - 2013-08-13
Latest News
Tulbagh Spring Arts Festival 6- 8 Sept 2013
Visuals, performance, fine art, photography, enjoy good food & award winning wine, music, wild flowers & gardens. Come and visit our Valley, relax and unwind and meet the artists, visit the museums, ..more details

Tulbagh Winery - Home of Flippenice Wines!
Because it's so FLIPPENICE here in our Valley of Abundance, we want to introduce you to our lifestyle range, called FLIPPENICE!!

The range consists of four lovely, easy drinking wines. ..more details